How U.S Tariffs on Chinese Goods Impact Inflation

by Kayla Zhu · Apr 23, 2024

By Kayla Zhu Almost six years after the Trump administration enacted the first major round of tariffs on Chinese imports, the U.S–China trade war still has shown few signs of slowing down.  In the spring of 2018, the U.S under former President Donald Trump imposed a series of heavy tariffs on Chinese goods, sparking retaliatory […]

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A deep dive into the Reddit-Google data-sharing deal

by Kayla Zhu · Mar 20, 2024

All eyes are on Reddit, as the discussion board site announces a new partnership with Google on the eve of its IPO Introduction Reddit announced a data-sharing partnership with Google in late February, just before its long-awaited IPO this month. The partnership gives the search engine tech giant access to Reddit’s Data API to train […]

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